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Crab Cakes

Crab Cakes

Crab crakes can be served sautéed, baked, grilled, or deep fried, depending on the restaurant. They are traditionally associated with the Chesapeake Bay region. Maryland in particular is famous for its crab cakes.

In Maryland, there are two broad types of crab cakes; Boardwalk and Restaurant. Boardwalk style cakes are generally served to customers on a hamburger bun. Restaurant style cakes, also known as gourmet crab cakes, are, if they are authentic, never served with any sort of filler. They are 100% lump crab meat. Many restaurants serving crab-cakes will make the offer either to fry the cake or to broil them.

While the crab meat for a crab cake can be taken from any species of crab, the meat of the blue crab is traditionally used. The blue crab is native to the western Atlantic Ocean as well as the Gulf of Mexico. Along the west coast of the United States, crab cakes are typically made with Dungeness Crab as it is native to the region. Dungeness crab flesh has a more delicate flavor which is considered sweeter than the flesh of other crabs.

Crab cakes come in a variety of sizes. Crab cakes are a popular food all along the coast of the Mid-Atlantic states.

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Wedding Cake Toppers

Lovely Design Options For Wedding Cake Toppers

The use of wedding cake toppers originated in the latter years of the nineteenth century. The earliest types of wedding cake toppers have a choice of newly wed poses. Options for toppers got bigger all the more as they grow to be trendy. Designs like cupids, doves, love birds, and wedding bells are among the favorites. As most cake toppers are homemade in earlier years, common materials utilized were gum pastes. Glass, wood and paper types were also popular. Toppers now can be made of paper mache, cellophane paper, wax, and even Swarovski crystals.

Here are some options for your wedding cake toppers:
Monogram Cake Toppers-These are typically a figurine of number, letters, or initials.

Edible Cake Toppers- An already lip smacking cake can be more delightful and fun with edible cake toppers.

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers- The array of customized or personalized cake toppers is wide and varied. Custom wedding cake toppers are handy in every design, theme, color, and shape you can imagine.

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers- If you and your partner desire to make your wedding cake topper one of a kind, think about getting some unique cake toppers that dramatically symbolizes your love for one another.

Then cake toppers of babies or children can very well embody this great plan. Then wedding cake toppers that feature a bride and groom dressed in a chef's costume or carrying an "Open for Business" poster is a charming way to let your guests know your dreams and aspiration.

The possibilities of design are endless. Think about it carefully to have that perfect wedding cake topper that will be a lifetime souvenir of your very special wedding day.
Elegance and Creative Wedding Cake Toppers to "Wow" Your Guests

Many couples choose to adorn their cakes with cake toppers. By putting a little twist on the traditional wedding cake decorations, you will create a way to speak of your personal identity.

Today you can find many styles, including Traditional, the fun and whimsical, modern, hand painted, crafted in porcelain and many other creative designs.
The wedding cake is a showcase for your personal style. Get creative and artful to present a design cake topper to "wow" your guest.
There is nothing more glamorous than a beautiful and unique creative wedding cake topper. A Cake topper is a lasting reminder of your special day.

Traditional Cake toppers:
Couples, who are married in the traditional way, will like to add a custom and personal cake topper.

Select from the "bride and groom couples", "love of birds" and fashionable monogram toppers for that special theme.
Whatever your personality or wedding theme, find a company that can create a topper that will fit your needs.

For The Fun and Whimsical Cake Toppers:
Select toppers like: "who wears the pants", "fishing" for a groom, my bride still is "shopping", winter skiing couple and more. These wedding cake toppers will produce smiles and will add glamour to those moments in your life.

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Cake Toppers

Unique And Personalize Your Wedding Cake Toppers

Today, wedding cake toppers are becoming more popular. Here are a few unique wedding cake toppers that may fit into your wedding theme.

If you choose not to get to creative with you wedding topper you could choose to go with the old stand by. The tradition choice is the initial of the last name of the bride and groom, or the monochromatic bride and groom wedding cake topper. You really can't go wrong choosing either of these wedding cake toppers for your reception.

Today, more brides (and grooms) are moving away from the traditional toppers and moving towards unique wedding cake toppers. For instance, a really elegant idea would be to use a monogram topper for your cake. This type of wedding cake topper can be made from glass, or fiberglass, and sits atop your cake mounted via platform or metallic base. The first initial of the bride and groom's last name and the first initial of their first names are usually engraved into the glass.

As people continue to move away from the classic and traditional wedding cake toppers, brides and grooms are really beginning to show their personalities at the wedding receptions. Today, custom made wedding cake toppers are becoming a hot commodity. The more popular toppers are clay figurines.

It may even be possible to order sports related wedding cake toppers. Different people have different personalities, and this really shows when choosing a topper for their wedding cakes. Some choose to be a bit more creative and will elect to have their topper custom made. Whatever the choice, be it simple or unique wedding cake toppers, be sure that the accessory does not over power your reception in order to keep the focus on the bride and groom.

Great Ideas for Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers

A cake topper is most definitely the most crucial piece of decoration on a wedding cake. It may be a good idea then to steer clear of the usual one pose bride and groom stand up topper that will look the same as all other toppers. Consider instead some ideas for unusual wedding cake toppers.
Unusual wedding cake toppers however don’t come around everyday and those that are available may not exactly fit your taste. Here are some unusual wedding cake toppers to think about.

You may want to have unusual wedding cake toppers that don’t really stray too far from convention. You can have bride and groom toppers posed on their first dance, kissing under an arch or frozen in the act of reciting their vows. Some unusual wedding cake toppers also make use of variations on human shapes such as curved stick figure in an embrace.

Nature Toppers
The more unusual wedding cake toppers would include pairs of frogs, crows and bats.
The important thing to remember about unusual wedding cake toppers based on nature is that they should fit your theme which can be a beach theme or a nature them. You should also be careful that you do not mind all other implications of nature based unusual wedding cake toppers.

Fantasy Toppers
Another popular source of unusual wedding cake toppers would be the world of fantasy. Some unusual wedding cake toppers of the fantasy type may also make your cake appear like a birthday cake for a five year old kid. It will take amazing craftsmanship to create a fantasy topper that will fit a wedding scene.

Interest Toppers
Unusual wedding cake toppers that are growing in popularity are toppers that show a couple’s common interest. You can also have casually dressed topper figures on top of a basketball or soccer ball.

Avant-garde Toppers
Go all out on the ultimate unusual wedding cake toppers. Pick out Frankenstein or Dracula and their brides or skeletons locked in perpetual embrace.
Make sure you are comfortable with such a defiant concept before taking the risk with such unusual wedding cake toppers.